Six South St Hotel - Steps from Dartmouth

Dartmouth College Lodging

Six South St Hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of campus making it a great place to stay when attending Dartmouth athletics events, family weekends, orientation, alumni reunions and more! Let us help make your stay as exciting — or relaxed — as you’d like during your visit to Hanover.

For the following popular events, we recommend booking a room at least one term prior to your stay.

Road To Graduation
Road to Graduation

The more you stay at Six South St Hotel, the better your odds of qualifying for a room during the busy Dartmouth commencement season.

Be sure to book under the same name each time you stay so we can track your history. Sign up for our e-list to receive updated information on this and other specials.

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”Love the contemporary look and décor of rooms.“

”We have enjoyed staying at the Sixth Street Hotel during our trips to Hanover.“

”We really enjoyed our stay at Six South Street. It turned visiting our college son into a fun getaway weekend.“